Must Be the time of year Posted December 20, 2012 by Norrms


Must be the
Time of year

Stomach knotted, fists clenched tight,
Frustration reigns, day and night,
Happy faces all around,
Yet, from me a pitiful sound,
A sound that screams “Please set me free
“From this dementia that you see “
My eyes cry, yet no tears,
No future clear, full of fears,
Yet up front, all you see,
Is a happy smiley chatty me?
But inside I am slowly dying
Broken will and my heart crying,
Is this the last new year I`ll see,
Or Christmas memories for you and me
Next year I may not remember,
A July Day or last September,
So if that’s the case then I will say,
Please all enjoy your Christmas day,
Embrace New Year and hug it tight,
Stay Strong my friends, keep up the fight!!

Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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