Dementia Awareness Day 2013 + Poems

Dementia Awareness Day Sept 21st 2013


Last years DAD day (Dementia awareness day) was a great success and we raised over £3,000 for the Lewy Body Society. This year our nominated charity is Alzheimers Research UK and we are hoping to do even better, and with your help, we will!!!!!!

But its not just about holding events on the big day but holding events throughout the year as well.

Last year i wrote bespoke Poems for anybody who wanted me to about any subject, anybody or anything, and if they liked them all i asked was a donation to the just giving page (Below)  It was such  a huge success so i am pleased to say i will be doing the same  thing again this year!! If you would like a poem written just for you, or a friend/loved one/Spouse ect which will be the only one like it in the entire WORLD then please let me know with a few details about who, what where and when, and i will do the rest!! It doesnt matter if you donate a penny or a pound, it ALL goes towards this years Charity “Alzheimers Research UK ” Poems will be written from 28th January 2013 right up to Dec 20th 2013


We have a just giving page  up and running now and will be open till 31st Dec 2013. This way every penny raised goes directly to the Charity ARUK and no other parties.

We already have donations in even NOW!!! So please, if you can hold an event before or ON the big day, please let me know ASAP. We want to build a world Map of events being held here in the UK and all over the world. Please please e mail me with your plans, no matter how small and i will advertise it on my website and anybody elses that will let me LOL LOL . It may sound a little soon to some, but these things do take a lot of organising to be successful. please dont forget my e mail is

and the name of my website is  is above.

I hope to hear from lots of you very soon about your plans, and please rememeber this years tagline is

” Lets Make 2013 The year the World Listened”

 Thank you, Norrms, Diagnosed with Dementia 5 years ago aged just 50 and still fighting it !!!

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