Step inside Dementia`s Mind at Christmas Posted December 21, 2012 by Norrms


Step inside a dementia mind
At Christmas:

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Imagine this:

Its Christmas day, you know it’s Christmas day because you remember the tree and all the decorations, but you are sat in someone else’s house! Strange people keep coming in and out of the room, smiling at you, asking if you are ok.

You want to scream NO I AM NOT!! WHO ARE YOU???

People lean over to you and say things like “Are you alright My Dear? Or, “He/She is looking well considering! Who are they talking about? You say to yourself, can’t be me or they would say my name, GO ON! Say my name! Why won’t you say my Name for GOONESS SAKE!!

Then someone walks in bringing a child with them, “Go and give your Grandma/Grandad a hug they say!! They walk over and this little person climbs on your knee and tries to kiss you!! “Why would people bring their children to kiss me? You think, it’s not as though I know them? Never mind other children, “Where’s MY MUM you ask? Why MY MUM not here is and where is DAD, he is always home for Christmas day?

The people all around you look at you with sad eyes, some of them even begin to cry? Why is that? What terrible thing do they know about my MUM and DAD you ask yourself? Why am I here? And why are people talking all around me as if I’m NOT! You start to sob, quietly at first, then tears flow quicker and quicker until your shoulders are going up and down like Pistons, you feel so alone, so so very alone, you don’t recognise anybody around you, in fact the only person you recognise in the world when you look down is yourself, so alone, so very alone at Christmas time.

Hello all please remember, at this time of year there will be thousands up and down this country feeling like this at this time of year. Please take the time to sit with them, not look down at them, take the time to speak at eye level and please, please use their name.
I will be offline (probably loll) from Tonight until next Wednesday so please all have a peaceful and wonderful Christmas, all our love, Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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