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Living With Dementia?

At the age of 50yrs old I was diagnosed with Dementia. FIVE years later, I am still here, fighting it, taunting it, writing about it, talking about it but most of all, FEARING IT! So what does somebody with Dementia think about as a New Year draws closer? Do I (we) think we have a future? Do we plan for the months ahead? Do we live day by day, week by week? Or? Do we think we don’t have a future and just go with the flow, keep taking the tablets and hope for the best?

What would be your answer, if it was you?

Waking up every day, knowing I have an incurable disease, and let’s make no bones about it, there IS NO CURE to Dementia is something I have come to terms with, but what of the future? What do I think about the coming of a New Year and what the future holds?

It’s a time of very mixed emotions for my family and me. Looking back at 2012 I can only say it was an incredible year and one that would be hard to surpass so trying to make plans for the New Year is harder than ever. I took a look at my diary yesterday and we already have five appointments in January and I am booked to speak in my home town of Bolton on the 5th March 2013 (This one I am looking forward to!!) So, is my future already planned out for me by a series of talks, appearances and Awareness raising events? Yes!! I think so, I don’t really think I have to plan anything as the phone calls and enquiries come in and the Diary gets more booked as the year moves along.

Does that sound a little weird to you? I suppose it would for some as it sounds as if my life is being planned for me, all be it a little chaotically at times LOL, but think of this, If it wasn’t, what else would I be doing instead?? My Angel Elaine and I spend lots of free time together (hard to believe I know but perfectly true) and Elaine always makes sure we go away at LEAST twice a year, though I must admit I have no memory whatsoever of going away last year, but if Elaine says we did then we did, END OF!! So, if weren’t trying to raise awareness of this awful disease, what we would we be doing?
 Daytime TV?? I DONT THINK SO!!!
Feeling sorry for myself? Don’t do sympathy in this family, empathy yes, sympathy, not a lot anyway LOL.
Go to boring meetings where they do a lot of talking and not a lot of action?? Not my style!!
Or just winging about how badly life has treated us and how IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!!! (Been there done that and thrown away the T Shirt!!

I WANT TO LIVE!! Make no mistake about that! I want to live life to the full and enjoy every minute of whatever time I have left. I want to meet new people, talk to politicians and explain how we can make things better, and I want them to listen!! Most of all, I don’t only want to make things happen and practices change, I want to see that change, in my lifetime, so, if I am bluntly honest, I know I can go to my grave knowing I have done my very best in playing a small part in that change that is so badly needed!! I want people to stop saying things like “You don’t sound like you have Dementia or LOOK LIKE you have Dementia?? Good God!! You wouldn’t say that to a disabled person would you???

I have absolutely no idea how long I can keep this awful disease at bay, yes its true, I am worse than I was last year, quite a lot worse according to some, and if I am honest, I know this deep down because of how I am struggling more doing simple life skills. So my friends, time is of the essence!!!! I will not, I refuse to; give into this without the fight of my life, and with the love of my family and the friendship of all my wonderful friends I am sure we have a great year ahead of us.

All I would ask of you (Just in case LOL) is that from January we, together, all over the world, start to make plans for the biggest and Best Dementia Awareness Day (DAD Day) the WORLD has ever seen!! The main day is September the 14th but we want people to run events and festivities not only on that day but also anytime between January and December of next year!! We have all year to hold coffee mornings, sponsored runs, walks, diets even silences!! (Silences? Impossible for me I must admit LOL) And whilst all that is going on we will be raising awareness all over the UK/The world  and the Purple Dementia Awareness Angel will be flying high above, looking after us and making sure 2013 is the year the WORLD LISTENS!!!!!!!

A Just giving Page will be hopefully set up in January and every penny we make will go to Alzheimer’s research UK. Please remember every penny raised will bring us closer to a cure.

As for me? I know I have my critics about the way I write about everything that happens and how I seem to chart my life publically, but I do not in any way, shape, or form do this for praise. I do what I do because not many other people do it, I do what I do to hopefully help others gain the confidence to do the same thing, and I do what I do because I have hope in my heart that one day soon, a cure will come and we can all have a good night’s sleep, especially my Angel Elaine.

My own e mail is
Our website is tdaa.co.uk

If you want to contact me, please do anytime you want to.
Please whatever you decide to do this year 2013, always know that where there is hope, there will always be life

“This is a short article from the Herald Express Newspaper Torbay Dec 27th 2012, about a few of last year’s achievements, I wonder what they will write about next year ??

Happy New year, Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxxxxx

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