Meeting with John Rouse Dept of Health Posted November 15, 2013 by Norrms


Hiya guys, just had meeting this morning with John Rouse “Director of Dept of Health (i think LOLL) and my question to him went like this”

“Hiya John are you going to the G 8 summit on Dementia next month in London?

His Answer was

“”"” Going to it? i organised it!! What i nightmare its been !!”"”"”

My question next was

“”" I dont mean to add to your nightmare John, but can i ask why nobody with dementia has been asked to Speak at this Summit? Surly the most important thing to do at these things is to listen to those who actually HAVE DEMENTIA!!”"”"”

“”A STUNNED SILENCE ensued, then he said

“” I know we have a carer Speaking, but not sure a person with dementia, will have to look into it! Thank you for your question and Challenge, by the way WHATS your name ??

“”" Norrms i replied, with a smile, who knows, maybe the seed has been sown !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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