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This Is How Life Is


Summers Come, Summers Go,

Autumn fall`s, Winter snow,

Spring arrives and flowers grow,

This is how life is


As we grow, eyes are wide,

Taking in all with pride,

Family and friends by your side,

This is how life is,


Middle age comes to all,

Expectations begin to fall,

Then old age comes to call,

This is how life is


Feeling tired, looking back,

Remembering little, losing track,

Ever smaller the family pack,

This is how life is


Dementia calls, so alone,

In your mind, you’re all own,

Oh how I wish, someone would phone,

This is how life is,


Does Dementia win? Well, that depends,

At last!! Surrounded by your friends,

Your love for life will NEVER END,

This is how life is


Best wishes, Norrms and family

Diagnosed six years ago and STILL determined to beat it!!!



In case I forget

In case I forget when glancing at you,

The one who makes me complete,

Alzheimer’s may have won with my mind,

But my heart it will never Defeat,


In case I forget the children we`ve raised,

Or the hundreds of stories ive told,

Shed not a tear “For blessed are we,

Who forget one day we are old,


In case I forget to tell you how much,

 You’re cherished and treasured each day,

My best friend beside me to brighten the path,

Ans carry me all of the way,


I may greet you someday, with questioning eyes,

As a stranger with whom I’ve just met,

Still, I love you my darling, with all of my heart,

Remember…… In case I forget




Echo`s of the years gone past,

Fleeting memories that never last,

Weathered face, weeping eyes,

Confused state, anguished cries’

Where did all the good times go?

Now lost forever, in the flow,

The Tidal flow that is Dementia,

All hope lost, with no new ventures,

Until that day, that Glorious day,

When we hear, someone say,

A CURE IS FOUND, all is well,

No more to suffer, this Dementia Hell,

And once again the world will sleep,

A peaceful life, Is ours to keep.


Norrms, now SIX years diagnosed with Dementia and STILL fighting it !!




Six year`s gone and still no cure,

So much love from one so pure,

My “Angel” waits within the wings,

Beating heart that used to sing,

Now falls silent, patiently so,

Waiting, willing the world to show,

“We Have a Cure” “All Is Well”

Time to END this Dementia hell,

Tears will flow on this day,

Tears of happiness may I say,

My “Angel” Elaine will turn to me,

To say “The Future`s ours to see”

The world will sigh, with relief,

As we say goodbye to this Dementia thief


Norrms Mc Namara (Aged nearly 56) diagnosed six years ago and still fighting it xxxxxxxxxxx




Please give me a smile :

 It will mean so much :

Come on, give us a wave :

And watch my eyes wave back :

Ask how I am :

Its shows you care :

Ask how I’ve been :

I promise I won’t tell you the truth :

Tell me a Good Joke :

I promise I am laughing on the inside :

Give me a HUG :

I promise I don’t bite!! :

Please Dry my tears :

I weep not for me, but for you :

But most of all

Just love me for who I was, who I am, and who you think I have become, because


Norrms Mc Namara, diagnosed with dementia aged 50, now 55yrs old and still trying to fight it xxx




The Angels knew what they were doing,
The day that you were born.
Every light went on in the world,
On that wonderful morn.

Through your life you have brought
Love and laughter, which so many sought;
Unending care, and always for others,
A wonderful wife and fantastic mother.

The world was blessed when you were born.
I will always be grateful, all my love, Norrm.

After yesterdays fall, just thought I would put something into a poem, hope you like it, it’s called



When your whole world collapses around you,

And everything you do is wrong,

When you’re looking for someone to turn to,

And all you want to be is strong,

When dementia invades your life,

And seeps into every pore,

Its shakes both you and your wife

To the very core,

Please take a look around you,

At everything you`ve done,

You have so much more to do,

And so much more to come,

Pick up your sword and fight,

Family, friends and all,

Fight with all your might,

When Dementia comes to call!!

With help and huge support,

From everyone around

It will never breach your Fort,

You will never hear its sound.


Norman Mc Namara, Diagnosed with Dementia ages 50, now aged 55 and still fighting it!!



I wonder Why


Wondering why it’s always me,

Same old question, cannot see,

How much more do I endure?

Before they find that B****Y cure,

Every day, same old fight,

Pushing through with all my might,

But pushing through is what I do,

I`m sending all my love to you,

To all my family and my friends,

One day I will be, on the mend



Will This


Ever End?

Crumbling walls within my brain,

Distant memories call my name,

Different days yet still the same

Will this Nightmare, ever end?


Not quite sure, what is real,

Forgetting how to eat a meal,

Desperation is what I feel,

Will this nightmare, ever end?


All I want is to be Alive,

I feel so old at Fifty Five,

My old age I want to see

Will this Nightmare, ever end?


And so I walk with my illness

Hand in hand, my life amiss,

Waiting for Cure`s elusive kiss

Will this nightmare never end?


Until that day, a cure is found,

You will always hear my sound,

Of defiance and hope abound,

Until my nightmare ends


Why Not Ask


I`m still here, I can still speak,

I`m still strong, not frail and weak,

So when you stand there in my house,

Talking in whispers, just like a mouse,

Just look this way and you will see,

I`m still here, why not ask me?

Instead of saying, oh he can wear that,

And dressing me in some daft hat,

Or making me eat food I hate,

With me, why won’t you debate?

I`m no different, can’t you see,

I`m still here, I`m still me,

All I want is to have a choice,

All I want is to use my voice


Who Will Help

Me Now?

You don’t understand a word I say,

You don’t understand my kind of day,

To be rid of this disease, is all that I pray,


Who Will Help Me Now?


All my family think I’m mad,

All my neighbours think I’m bad,

Yet deep inside I am so sad


Who Will Help Me Now?


Dementia takes away my hope,

It takes my knowledge of how to cope,

I feel I`m on a slippery slope,


Who Will Help Me Now?


Is this how I live for the rest of my life?

Seeing nothing but sorrow in the eyes of my wife,

Unknowingly causing this trouble and strife,


Who Will Help Me Now


As every day passes I forget more,

Floating like flotsam, washed up on the shore,

Ever closer, to life’s closing door,


Who Will Help Me Now?


I always wear, a happy mask,

Whilst struggling with every menial task,

So this time I`m going to ask,


Will YOU Help Me Now??


Written in the car on the way to Budleigh Salterton UK xxxxxxxx


Hiya, these are the links to my books, thank you so much, every book bought brings us closer to a cure as sales go towards funding a cure for this awful disease, very best wishes, Norrms and family


More Than Words” Poems by an Alzheimer’s Sufferer”


“Me and My Alzheimer’s Book”




Who Have

I Become?


Shouting, screaming every night,

Eyes of Demons shine so bright,

In my sleep I fight the fight,



Tired eyes and bewildered stares,

Nothing familiar everywhere,

Awful feeling no one cares,



A touching hand in the dark,

Gentle voice just like a Lark,

My “Angel” Elaine makes her mark,



All my fears overcome,

Dreams and Demons all but gone,

And at the rising of the sun,





This is Lewy Body`s in Poetry


When In doubt

When the Doubter`s Doubt, and the Banner`s Ban,

I stand even taller and shout “I CAN!”

When all seems lost and I`m so low,

All my friends shout “Go Norrms Go!!

I will stand firm and stand tall,

When my enemies come to call,

Every one of you my friends,

You are my hope which never ends,

In every breath, I do take,

A lasting friendship, I try to make,

So my friends, from me to you,

Thank you ALL, for ALL you do





When people say “You look ok” and don’t look ill to me,

When they say “You’re looking fine” I can`t make them see,

That my mind and memory`s dying, and will never be set free


On my good days when I walk tall, and everything is fine,

When my thoughts are good and I can walk the line,

Do I pretend that I’m not well, and my life`s not nine?


Why won’t some accept me as I am, and my illness too?

That comes and goes when it wants, with no effects on you,

Thank goodness it only happens, to a very few, still


I will do my very best, right up to the end

I will try to help, and be the best of friends,

With all that come my way, And BEAT Dementia`s Trends,





Cries and echo`s from the heart,

Mounting worries, where do I start,

Fleeting memories here and there,

All my feelings wanting to share,

Life passing by, in a blink,

Experiences past starting to shrink,

This is what they call Dementia,

I never asked for this venture,

I`m 53, so not that old,

Total shock when I was told,

Three years ago he told me,

My old age I wouldn’t see,

But on I fight, until the end,

My resistance will not bend,

Come-on Alzheimer`s do your best,

I will not succumb, I have too much zest

A zest for life and will to live,

My life to you I will not give,

The battle rages every day,

Kneeling I begin to pray,

For that cure will surely come,

Before the setting of the sun


Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxx


What do I



A mothers kiss, a dirty knee,

A little boy full of glee,

Sitting beneath an apple tree

What do I remember?


A roaring fire, a youthful look,

Deep winter snow, a comic book,

River fish, a shady nook

What do I remember?


Grandma`s Cooking, rhubarb pie,

My baby brothers birthing cry,

My mum’s last day, with a heavy sigh,

What do I remember?


The Dr saying “Dementia`s here,

A knowing look, a raft of tears,

Forever living in a state of “FEAR”




The World



As I sit here, watching the world go by

Keeping my secret, trying not to cry,

Thinking of things, I’ve done in my life,

Before and after, meeting my wife,

Who would have thought it would end like this,

Never remembering that first kiss,

Or the dates my kids were born,

And the wedding dress my wife adorned

Life can be cruel and thoughtless to

When there is so much to do

But while I can, I will remember well,

Life`s adventures and stories tell,

Of times gone past and future plans,

And holding my children in my hands

As I get older and things get worse,

And you become my full time nurse,

Thank you so much for all you do,

I would have done the same for you,

And to all you carers who give without thought,

Your time and love which cannot be bought,

I salute you too for all you do,

May God keep you safe and healthy too


Walk With


Will you walk with me, my old friend?

Along this Journey we call life,

Walk with me down this bumpy road,

Amongst the trouble and the strife,

Every hill that we climb,

Every corner that we turn,

Everything we see and hear,

Is something new to learn,

I have such a zest for life,

I hope that you do too,

We will face, whatever comes next,

We know just what to do,

To stand together, loud and proud,

As dementia tries its best,

To take away all that’s dear,

Leaving me with nothing left,

So walk with me my friend,

This is all I ask,

So I can win my fight,

And be the winner of this task




Walk With Me


Walk a while with me my friends, walk with me today,

Come and see what I see, and listen to what I say,

Yes I have dementia and yes sometimes I`m worse,

Please be very grateful, that you don’t have this curse,

But are we all that different, the likes of you and me?

We breathe the same; we feel the same, the same things we do see

The only difference is my friends, I don’t feel that well,

When I can’t remember, everything you tell,

Yet my heart beats just as quick as yours, my blood runs just as fast,

But because of my Dementia, the shadow, it is cast,

The shadow cast by others, that takes away my light,

Turns my life to darkness, my pleasure into fright,

For when you cast that shadow, and it comes my way,

It drains me of my energy, makes me hide or run away,

Sometimes I do things different, my mind is not its own,

But do YOU never talk to yourself, when you are alone?

So am I all that different, the likes of you and me,

So my friends come walk a while, the futures ours to see.


Lots of love, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxx






Waking nights, tiresome days,

Distant memories in a haze,

Darkness falls every night,

My living Angel holds me tight,

She whispers “It will be ok”

As I await the dawning day,

Every night is just the same,

The dementia demon never wanes’

Daybreak calls and then I pray,

We will have an everlasting day

Unspoken Words Abound

A fleeting glance across the room,

Family’s eyes that have aged too soon,

Faces etched with impending doom,

Unspoken words abound


Dementia`s Cast its ugly shadow,

That fills each room, with such sorrow,

Broken futures with no tomorrow,

Unspoken words abound


Then in the room walks in a child,

Angel faced with eyes so wild,

Full of Innocence and a touch so mild,

Unspoken words abound,


Hopes are raised all around,

The futures secure, safe and sound,

In a child’s eyes, hope is found,



Please feel free to share



Unspoken Words

“The Poem”

A nod, a glance, a quirky smile,

A second of Understanding,

Will mean so much, too so many,

And Lessen Dementia`s branding,


Living with this illness,

As I do every day,

A little nod of Empathy,

Would go such a long long way,


Having this illness is bad enough,

Without the dirty looks,

I am here! Speak to me!

You won’t get this from BOOKS!


So if you see me, shouting loud,

Kicking my Dementia into to touch,

Please remember, unspoken words,

Can say so very much


Love Norrms and family xxxxx






Failing heart, failing mind,

Some people hurtful, yet some so kind,

Hopes and future, so unsure,

Always praying for a cure,

Worries, stress, nightmares, fears

Never ending stream of tears,

Travelling down this lonely road,

Forever carrying this heavy load,

Yet no matter how many, are the miles,

Always travelling, full of smiles


Together as One

Alzheimer’s, Lewy Bodies, PCT,

The all mean, just the same to me,

I have Dementia, of that they are sure,

And as we know, there is no cure,

So are we all different, or just the same?

We all have dementia, just differing names,

If we all came together, and joined up as one,

Can you imagine what good could be done?

I have this dream, that maybe one day,

Together as one, we will be able to say,









Today I put both Coffee and tea in the same cup!

Today I put toothpaste on my face instead of shaving foam!

Today I thought my hankies (2 of) were my socks!!

Today I walked out into the road and nearly got knocked down!

Today I spilt most of my lunch down my new T Shirt (Ruined)

Today I had forgotten most things said to me within seconds!

Today I had my knife and fork in the wrong hands!

Today I couldn’t recognise my neighbour’s name!

Today I was found outside with no shoes on!

Today, I had to go to bed at 8.30pm, as I couldn’t make head nor tail of the TV

Today, I cried, I do most days (in secret)






Norrms Mc Namara Diagnosed 5 years ago with dementia aged 50yrs old, but still fighting it!!


April 7th 2013


Jelly and custard is what I need, I’ve ate it since a boy!

Jelly and custard is what I need, it fills my heart with joy!

I’ve eaten spotted dick, syrup sponge as well,

Trifle, Apple pies, too many times to tell,

I’ve even tried Blancmange, I love my table creams,

Semolina and the likes, but nothings what it seems,

No matter how many puddings, nothing cuts the mustard,

There`s nothing better in the world, than my jelly and its custard!!


Much love, Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxxxxx


To “Elsie”

Let`s dance!


My dearest Elsie, just by chance,

Would you mind, if I asked you to dance?

My Dearest Norrms, Elsie say`s

Of course you can, yes you may,

We took to the floor, Elsie and me,

In Launceston Square, for all to see,

The Band was playing for a Victorian day,

As we linked arms and danced away,

When we were finished, the crowd they cheered,

Dancing in public? There’s nothing to fear,

So thank you Elsie, for this moment in time,

A memory to keep, yours and mine


Love, your Dancing partner, Norrms xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jack & Audrey


This little poem, is especially for you,

Just to say thank you, for everything you do,

You brighten up our lives, in every single way,

With everything you do, and everything you say,

If its hearing Jack play music, or hearing Audrey talk,

When we`re in your company, we can walk the walk,

So keep on what you’re doing, you help in many ways,

You always bring the sunshine, to any rainy day,

We are proud to call you friends, so happy we have met,

So many happy memories, we have surely kept,

So thank you Jack and Audrey, May our friendship never end,

Our love and our best wishes, we will always send


Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxxxxx



This kid was born in the Fifties !

This kid was born to a poor family and times were very hard !

This Kid saw more domestic Violence in his upbringing than most !

This Kid was bullied at Primary school because of his poor upbringing.

This Kid was Bullied at secondary school because he could play football a little!

This kid was looking forward to taking his exams or “O” levels as they were called then but was ordered to finish school at Easter, before the exams, as the family needed the money, result ?  “No Qualifications” !

This kid drifted from job to job until one day he found himself Homeless!

This Kid was homeless for NINE years , seven of them without a roof!!

But this KID wasn’t beaten !!

This Kid sorted himself out and found the love of his life !

This kid raised children / grandchildren and great grandchildren!!

This kid got a great job, bought a house and raised a good and loving family !

Then ! this Kid got heart failure and was told he had 18 months to live AT THE MOST!!


This KID was told he also now had a second terminal Disease DEMENTIA !!





This kid, with the help, of family and friends continues to this day to raise awareness about Dementia, as well as visiting Downing street and trying to get his point over to the man at the top!!

This KID could be any KID.

It doesn’t have to end badly just because it started badly!!

And Guess what??



This KID is me of course


(When you think all is lost, just look around you and wonder in amazement what life has got to offer, where there is life, there is always hope my friends)



The pub


The Harbour

Twas on a night like this, in 1984,

When the wind and rain came banging at the door,

We were in the pub, Bill and me,

Then Tom came in and that made three,

The howling wind made a mighty roar,

I looked, and through window saw,

 Lightning stretched across the sky,

Then the thunder came with a deafening sound

Hurting our ears, shaking the ground,

I looked at Tom, and then Bill looked at me,

Not knowing what to say, just hearing the sea,

Battering the harbour, coming over the walls,

But with pints in hand we three stood tall,

Trusting our pub, to keep us safe and warm,

Against the winds and this terrible storm

And when it was over, we peeped through the door,

To see thousands of branches, blown to the floor,

And water receding back to the sea,

So it was back the bar, for Bill Tom and me.



Fleeting Touch

Of A

Gentle Kiss

The fleeting touch of a gentle kiss,

Your hand in mine and a warm embrace,

All these things I do miss,

As I gaze upon your beautiful face,

I know that sometimes you all think,

I`m not here but far away,

Just because I stare and blink,

Doesn’t mean I have nothing to say,

If I could, I would tell you,

Not too worry it will be ok

Because I love you for all you do,

Even though I cannot say,

I see you hide your tears,

And wipe them from your face,

And in your eyes I see the fears,

As clearly as through lace,

So I thought I’d write this down,

Just to tell you this,

Please will you smile instead of frown?

And will you gently place a kiss,

On my cheeks or on my lips,

These kinds of things I do miss,

And from your loving cup i will always sip.


Best wishes, Norrms and family




The Care Home Bell


Why do you not hear it?

 When I ring my bell?

Why do I ring it several times?

 Please do come and tell,

I may be old and frail,

My hearing not so good,

But you are so much stronger,

With YOUTH rushing through your blood,

When I lived at home,

If the doorbell went,

I always answered with a smile,

No matter whom they sent

And when I want the bathroom,

It’s my bell that you don’t hear,

To have an awful accident

Is my biggest fear,

Or when I’m really thirsty,

My throat and mouth so dry,

Why do you not hear my bell?

It makes me want to cry,

Why don’t you sit where I sit,

If only for a day

Then I can ignore you,

When I pass your way,

A nod, a smile, a wink,

Or the question “how are you?

Would really cheers me up,

As I am sure it would you too,

You see I may be old and frail,

And my dementia makes me wander,

But it doesnt mean I don’t eat and drink,

And dream of pastures yonder,

Sometimes I feel so lonely,

Sometimes I feel so down,

I really feel much better,

When you come around,

So when you hear my bell,

Ringing in your ears,

Come and ask “What’s UP?

And allay my fears


Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxx

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