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Hiya guys, just to give you an update of all business`s that have signed up to the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance. If you multiply this with all the staff and employees, not forgetting people seeing the Purple Angel on Bus`s, wagons, and car back windows its quite a lot of people who are now more aware of this awful disease. You can also include nursing staff in all cottage hospitals in devon as well as our own here in Torquay. Please click on the link, and if anybody doesn’t know me i am on the left of the PM.
Also, by request, this is a list of initiatives of whats being (Hopefully) implemented in Torbay this year 2013 with the help,of the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance.
1. To carry on making Torbay the first Dementia friendly resort in the UK/World
2. Working with the directors of the South Devon NHS health care trust to Pilot a Unification of the early diagnosis test similar to the MMSE test and making sure people with with dementia and their carers have an input in this.
3. To work alongside the dementia lead nurses and matrons in South Devon to improve care within all hospitals /Main and Community.
4. Already approved and ongoing Is the implementation of Coloured utensils such as plates/knives forks and drinking vessels to help those with dementia.
5. Already approved and ongoing is the improvement of signage and height of signs within all hospitals in South devon including the PURPLE ANGEL i am so proud to say.
6. Advising on the £11 million construction of the new Dementia centre of Excellnce in nearby Newton Abbot.
7. Continuing to be on the steering group of the South West Dementia alliance which oversees all South west of the UK
8. Promoting the new Building Bridges campaign and bringing all Nurses and carers together to share ideas and improve the lives of all those touched by dementia.
9. The launch of the first ever “Planting Memories garden right here in Torquay to be hopefully replicated uk wide.
10.To help Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth and surrounding areas become Dementia friendly and use the Purple Angel (already ongoing)
11. To contact all big business`s across the country and ask them to use the Guide to dementia Symptoms for all there staff as we do here in Torbay.
12. Holding a very successful Dementia awareness day “D>A>D day both here in Torbay and across the world.
13. To hold a couple of events during the year to raise funds for the sustainability of the TDAA.
14. To work with Westlands Grammer school Torquay and bring Dementia onto the School Corricculum (Meeting in Late feb arranged)
15. Booked To Speak at Exeter University on June 4th 2013 and involve all Home and social care students in dementia awareness.
16. To speak at South devon College to all Students taking home and social care.
17. Booked to speak on March 5th 2013 in Bolton to explain how to create a dementia friendly community just like Torbay.
18. Booked too speak at Chilcote surgery Torbay 21st feb 2013, regarding dementia friendly surgeries and communities.
19. To speak to carers groups within Torbay regarding dementia awareness.
20. Last but not least, to attend as many conferences as possible, hopefully speaking and raising awareness even farther.
All this under the ever watchful eye of the Prime Minister, so no pressure there then LOL , Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • February 1, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Great job Norm! Here to support you (if you need it!). Hope 2013 is a great year for awareness raising in the south west.


  • Harry Urban February 1, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    What a great undertaking for 2013. With the support you have, you will complete all 20 initiatives. We in the States also support your efforts.


  • Ada & Bill Wilson February 1, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Hi, Norms with Elaine at your side you can do anything,with your family and friends help. Cheerio Bill.


    • Norrms February 2, 2013 at 8:29 am

      Thank you my friend xxxxxxxxxxx


    • Norrms February 7, 2013 at 9:40 am

      Hiya Tracey Chapman, tried to reply but not sure if its getting through, hope you see this, please e mail me on and i will help you with pleasure , Norrms xxxxxxxxxxxx


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