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purple angel save a life

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Hiya, this is how much people power matters. This is what can be done when a social movement gets it right, and i am so proud to be a small part of it. the Purple (Dementia aware) Angel has, as i have explained before has now reached all shores of the world, and now we intend taking it one step further. This is a conversation currently happening on facebook and is gaining incredible momentum!! There are a few that will say that this “Sign” will alert the more unscrupulous amongst the population to be “alerted” but we are working on this.
It could be that we could start this first amongst the main doors / residential doors inside of a sheltered housing complex`s or the Main entrance / residential doors inside of care homes, just to alert First reponders (Fire service ect) that there are people within the building that will be scared and confused, or will not understand the alarm thats going off. lets just hope the authorites in the Uk and beyond will do the same, what do you think ?? best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxx
“ Conversation “
During Gary LeBlanc’s Thursday Zoom chat, we were discussing ways to care for your loved one with Dementia during a natural disaster like a flood, hurricane or tornado. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we had a sticker to put on our window to alert emergency crews that someone with dementia lives in this house.So many of us living with this disease consider our homes our safe place and do not want to leave it for any reason. We do not understand the importance of an evacuation order so we simply ignore it. If emergencies crews see this sticker in the window they would have the incentive to check to see everyone is ok.I think the perfect logo would be the Purple Angel. This logo not only represents Dementia Awareness but could also represent saving a life of someone with dementia during a emergency. I need your thoughts if you think this is worth persueing.

Here are some of the comments
“”" I think it is an awesome idea. My only concern is that some authorities not knowing what the purple angel is for. Especially with it being new.”"”
“”" Great Idea. I currently have a sign posted on my door but this Angel would be greaat with a sign under if about Dementia.”"”"

 I DO think it’s worth pursuing! The only caution I would make is the fact that elders, especially those with dementia, are at risk of scams and crooks going door to door to “sell” things. Identifying yourself this way could be a huge risk too. Unfortunately!! But I too worry about natural disasters, and even local emergencies like a house fire (theirs or next door for instance)… So yes well worth pursuing, with caution”"”
“”"”"” Great Harry!! Just what we were discussing.. I love it!!”"”"”
“”"” I love it and think it should be nation wide for sure”"”"”"
“”"” They have similar stickers for animals so I see no reason why us humans shouldn’t have one – this is a GREAT idea, “”"” Plus it would let them know what to expect from the person when they got to them………
Also….not to let the world know – but I think ANY informative sticker would be a great idea
Deaf…hard of hearing……paralyzed, special needs, etc
Not everyone knows or is able to escape a fire or disaster
“”" You could say the same about lapel badges signalling to pick pockets |I suppose. It may be a risk that`s  worth a life. “”"”"”"
My Comment (Norrms Mac)
 These are just some of the comments, but i believe, and appeal to all those who (manage / own / work at ) read this to think about usuing the “Purple Angel” logo on thier Sheltered, housing, Care homes, Housing assosiations main doors and alerting the Emergency servises of what it means. Please contact your local councils, MP`s Goverment officials, political parties, health organistaions, fire/police/ambulance stations, Marshals, Sherrifs offices, and anybody in office who could help please.
 I would love your feed back on this, very best wishes,
Norrms and family

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