Paramedics Conference Posted April 24, 2013 by Norrms


Paramedics Conference,

Friday 11.00-13.30 Programme

Marjon Campus 26th April 2013



•      Background History to dementia (Ian)

•      National Dementia Strategy 2009.(Ian)

•      Prime Ministers Dementia Challenges 2012/13.(Ian)

•      National, Regional, Local Data.(Ian)

•      Norman McNamara. (Advisor to the Prime minister)

•      Keith Bucknall. (Carer for a person with dementia)

•      Professor George Giarchi Dementia and Ethics. (Professor of older people)

•      Signs of Dementia   (Ian)

•      Communications (Ian)

•      Challenging Behaviour (Ian)

•      Tea and what is Right (Ian)

•      Questions(All)

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