Global Dementia Awareness Posted June 30, 2013 by Norrms


When i was first diagnosed over five years ago with dementia i never imagined for one minute how big this awareness raising would become. And now, with the news that the Purple Angel Logo has now gone GLOBAL (Please see links)

it has all been so very worthwhile. Each day we get enquirers from all over the UK and the world about how to undertake this and how to implement it., and the thing is, its so so simple!! This logo is not meant to “Replace” other logos for Dementia charities etc, it is to recognize it as a WORLDWIDE LOGO for DEMENTIA AWARENESS, something the world has never had before!! Also its absolutely FREE so how can it NOT be adopted !! It has been designed by someone who is a carer to her mum who has Dementia and designed for the people of the world to use.NO CATCHES, NO SALES PITCH and NO COST, free for all the world to use!!

All we ask is if you let us know if you will recognize it,(please just let me have your Groups name) and hopefully use it, just so we can get a better idea of how many people around the world are doing so.

I always ask the question “If I, as someone diagnosed with Dementia 5 years ago, can achieve something like this, just IMAGINE how much we could do if we ALL come together as one, and stood up to this awful disease !! Unless they find a cure, i am not going to be around in the very near future, “FACT”  but IF and WHEN dementia gets its evil hold on me, i would just like to know that we had a wonderful try at eradicating this disease of the awful stigma that attaches itself to it, and if you see me , in the future, sitting motionless, unable to interact,  but with a smile on my face, you will know what i am smiling at!! because deep down, i will be thinking no matter what comes, there will always be people to stand up to this disease, just like we did !!

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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