Dementia : The Fight Continue`s Posted May 17, 2013 by Norrms


In the morning i have the up most honour of accepting a cheque on behalf of the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance for the wonderful sum of £2,100 !!!!! This will quite easily secure the future of the Torbay Alliance for the near future. As you know, we are whollyy self supporting and have never applied for funding from anyone, or ever will. We have been successful so far in Signing up over 400 Business’s`s, please click on link,   (  (Just passed the 400 MARK !! )with many more to come, and if you multiply this with some of the Bigger firms we have dealt with, this equates to over 5,000 + Staff (Over two and a half thousand alone from Somerset Care)
We, now even have our own Purple Angel website  Click on Link  where you can not only purchase the world famous “Purple Angel” Dementia awareness products, which will be donated to this years Dementia Awareness day (DAD Day) Sept 21st 2013, charity of the year Alzheimers Research UK, but you can also donate  to this years DAD day if you so wish and also tell us about what you will be doing on this day, wherever you live!!.
A few of you may remember me standing on stage and explaining all about the TDAA and my Dementia in front of 600 people at the Princess Theatre a while ago, we raised £199 that day on the raffle. The dance production on that day was  from the Marisa Burgoyne Dance Studio Torquay and they informed me two weeks ago that they will also be donating the takings from the show because we are making a huge difference to so many, and we are local here in Torbay. This is exactly why i founded this, this is what the local alliances should be doing all over the UK. Its not about the money, the cudos or the back slapping, but about making a difference to peoples lives where it really matters, in their EVERYDAY life !!
Tomorrow night i will sleep better in my bed because i know the TDAA has now a little more funding to carry on with what we started.
Tomorrow night i will be content in the knowledge that the next steps of awareness raising can be put in place without worrying about where the next ink cartridge is coming from.
Tomorrow night i will smile as i know all the team from the TDAA (And there is only a very frew of us!!) will be smiling as well as we carry on with this wonderful cause, and will do until the job is done!!
Tomorrow will be such a good day for all in Torbay who are touched by this awful disease
Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Kim May 18, 2013 at 7:25 am

    As always Norms, I love the way you plough your energy into this awesome cause and those statistics are amazing!
    You sound so upbeat at the moment – I hope you and the fam’ have a lovely sunny weekend. xxxxxxxx


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