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  Hiya, this week, the Abbas Combe Nursing home from Lotus Care Group became one of the FIRST nursing homes in Sussex to complete the

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Dementia`s Mask, Do i wear it? Or it me ? PLZ R/T Posted Sep 07, 2014 By Norrms

Dementia`s mask   This is the first time i have used this term as its a difficult one to describe. Do i wear dementia`s mask?

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Dementia, One Mans perspective, PLZ R/T will understand if not Posted Aug 31, 2014 By Norrms

Just one man’s perspective “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” The room I am sat in isn’t that big but seems to be getting smaller, the light coming through the

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Dementia`s Children, What becomes of them ? Please R/T Posted Aug 30, 2014 By Norrms

DEMENTIA`S CHILDREN < The words “Dementia “ and Children “ don’t usually go together, but the last three weeks reading posts on the “Dementia Aware”

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Dementia, Thoughts for the weekend, please R/T Posted Aug 30, 2014 By Norrms

  “YOU SEE ME” , “AND YET, YOU DON’T KNOW ME?   You see me , and yet you dont know me? You hear me,

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5 People a week being found safe RE GPS Systems, Figures and outcomes so far Posted Aug 18, 2014 By Norrms

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE…. PLEASE SHARE WORLDWIDE Press Statement Re “BOB” GPS LOCATOR SYSTEMS I am so happy to announce the official figures for emergency call

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