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A Bolton Lads Life Posted Dec 19, 2014 By Norrms

A Bolton Lad`s Life All the names of people or places in this story have not been changed, so if you want to sue, I

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DEMENTIA – “The Angels Will Listen” plz R/T Posted Dec 10, 2014 By Norrms

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS AND SHARE WORLDWIDE As you know the Purple Angel dementia awareness Campaign is now well and truly Global. Soon we

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Dementia ? Never satisfied plz R/T Posted Dec 04, 2014 By Norrms

  Dementia – Never satisfied Whilst walking in town the other day i noticed lady scolding her child saying “You’re never satisfied are you ??

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A reflection Of my former self (Dementia) Posted Nov 26, 2014 By Norrms

  A REFLECTION OF MY FORMER SELF ??? by┬áNorm Mac Whilst stood outside a ladies clothe`s shop as Elaine looked inside , something caught my

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Walking Into Winter Posted Nov 24, 2014 By Norrms

    WALKING INTO WINTER Walking into winter, with dementia at my side, Is not something i would wish, and yet i must abide, Some

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Winter`s Shadow Posted Nov 23, 2014 By Norrms

WINTERS SHADOW As we walk slowly into deepest winter with the nights drawing in and the darkness of a winters night encompassing all i often

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