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Dementia MP3`s Telegraph Write up, Plz R/T Posted Aug 24, 2015 By Norrms

INCREDIBLE WRITE UP IN TODAY’S TELEGRAPH NATIONAL NEWSPAPER So good to get the nationals behind us in our Campaign, raising awareness of this awful disease

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Dementia, MP3 Player help, Press Release, PLZ read and R/T Posted Aug 19, 2015 By Norrms

A Devon businessman, singer/songwriter and Dementia Foundation have come together to create a unique new system for helping people living with dementia enjoy a good

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Dementia ? Feels like somethings Broken Posted Aug 14, 2015 By Norrms

      Q “What does DEMENTIA feel like?” Ans, “IT FEELS LIKE SOMETHING`S BROKEN “ It feels like something’s broken within my whole body,

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Purple Angel “Dementia,” not yet 2yrs old Posted Aug 13, 2015 By Norrms

Hard to believe its not yet TWO years since this was taken. These, and others who couldn’t make it are the very first 50 Global

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WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO, PART TWO Posted Jul 27, 2015 By Norrms

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO PART TWO I am often asked “Why do you do what you do? Especially having the awful disease of

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Dementia, Music and memories, Plz R/T Posted Jul 22, 2015 By Norrms

MUSIC + MEMORIES, A CHORD THAT IS NEVER BROKEN Just imagine a world where there was less dehydration, fewer missing of meals, and some people

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