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A fear Of Whats To come Posted Mar 27, 2015 By Norrms

                            A fear of what’s to come? Yesterday I sat and yearned to be the person I

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Dementia Message to ALL GP`s, plz R/T Posted Mar 18, 2015 By Norrms

URGENT MESSAGE !! To ALL Consultants, Dr`s, Junior Drs, ALL medical students and anybody qualified, or training in medicine I have dementia , i have

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My Spatiel awareness Posted Mar 01, 2015 By Norrms

    MY SPATIAL AWARENESS   Struggling to get into the car I knew there was something wrong, but just couldn’t work it out. Once

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Purple Angel Dementia campaign to be made into a film plz RT Posted Feb 19, 2015 By Norrms

    THE STORY of the PURPLE ANGEL to be MADE INTO A DOCUMENTARY !!! This is the news i have been itching to tell

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Dementia- Lewy`s Night terrors, plz R/T Posted Feb 10, 2015 By Norrms

        As i walked into the front room, i glanced at the clock on the wall, it was 5.15 am and it

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Rock against dementia, Plz R/T Posted Jan 26, 2015 By Norrms

  ATTENTION ALL Who want to RAISE UP against this awful illness !!   MARCH 21st !! 2015 What can you organise in your /

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