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WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO, PART TWO Posted Jul 27, 2015 By Norrms

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO PART TWO I am often asked “Why do you do what you do? Especially having the awful disease of

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Dementia, Music and memories, Plz R/T Posted Jul 22, 2015 By Norrms

MUSIC + MEMORIES, A CHORD THAT IS NEVER BROKEN Just imagine a world where there was less dehydration, fewer missing of meals, and some people

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Dementia.. Neither here or there Posted Jul 22, 2015 By Norrms

NEITHER HERE OR THERE …………………..PLEASE SHARE Sitting there in early evening i was transported to another place, my eyes are wide open, so i am

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Dementia-PURPLE ANGEL HOLIDAYS.CO Posted Jul 15, 2015 By Norrms

    PURPLE ANGEL HOLIDAYS ANNOUNCED IN TORQUAY !!! A MUST SHARE !! This is the wonderful moment when we announced to the wonderful people

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Are Starbucks dementia aware ? Posted Jul 14, 2015 By Norrms

  Hello Mark , my name is Norrms Mc Namara and i am the founder of the Global Purple Angel dementia awareness campaign  Link to

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Dementia— Another time Posted Jul 10, 2015 By Norrms

ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER DAY   As we travelled back to Torquay from Newton Abbot, I got a message on my phone, I looked down, read

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