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Is The Alz Soc UK becoming a “Closed Shop?” Posted Jul 28, 2014 By Norrms

Well, the day has come when the Alzheimer’s society will shortly announce their 64 Dementia friendly communities up and down the uk and as they

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Dementia? This will (hopefully) Banish the stigma FOREVER Posted Jul 23, 2014 By Norrms

      Hiya, today my life takes a new turn. Today, I, a person with Dementia, become a mentor for others who have just

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“Prob” Most beautiful Song about Dementia “Ever” only 79p !!! Plz R/T Posted Jul 20, 2014 By Norrms

Hiya, we really need your help to get more exposure for this wonderful song, its probably “The most Beautiful song about Dementia you will ever

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Missing person (Dementia) found with GPS PLZ R/T Posted Jul 16, 2014 By Norrms

BREAKING NEWS !! So Proud i could BURST!!!!   Because of data protection i cannot name names but i was told yesterday that the other

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Dementia-Night Of The Demon Plz R/T Posted Jul 12, 2014 By Norrms

NIGHT OF THE DEMON As I stood there, fists clenched, teeth gnarled and screaming like a banshee, somewhere in the distance I could hear Elaine’s

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SECOND !! Purple Angel Dementia drop in centre opens , plz r/t Posted Jul 11, 2014 By Norrms

  Breaking News !! SECOND PURPLE ANGEL DEMENTIA DROP IN CENTRE TO OPEN 21 ST AUGUST !!!!!!! Hiya, only weeks after the WORLDS  first Purple

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